Attention Olympiad!

Attention Olympiad!
2018-01-12 | 626594

With initiative of the Ministry of developing technology information and communication the Olympiad of republic is being passed on subjects of mathematics and physics.

In Olympiad students of lyceum, college and pupils of schools may take part in.

For participating Olympiad you may register official site Then you may participate.

 Olympiad is passed on 3 level.

 First selecting level on 20 January, 2018 year will be passed by testing in online way. If you register in official web-site, you may participate.

 The winners of first step will be announced in the official site who are answered for 80 percent of testing questionnaire.

 The second regional level on 10 February 2018 year will be passed in the Tashkent University of Information Technologies and its branches of Samarkand, Karshi, Fergana, Nukus, Urganch. If participants pass on practical question who are answered 80 precent of questions, they will participate the next step.

 The third step final level on 22-25 February 2018 year will be passed on Tashkent University of Information Technologies in Tashkent. In this level participants will do ten practical tasks. The winners will be showed in official site.

 In the third level of Olympiad collecting the highest score 21 participants will be winner. All of winners will be a valuated with precious prize and certificate. Winners gain to study English free by INHA.

 You can acquainted about statute of Olympiad in