Direktor Greeting


Dear colleagues and students!

Tashkent University of Information Technologies of Samarkand branch was established according the decree of the President of Uzbekistan adopted in 2005 on July 2, PQ-91 about the development of the system of cadre preparation in the sphere of Information Technologies. Tashkent University of Information Technologies of Samarkand branch is responsible for preparing cadre in the sphere of Informational communication Technologies in Bukhara, Samarkand, Jizzakh.

The chairs of  «Infomation technology» and «computer systems», «programm engineering», «Natural sciences and Telecommunication engineering», «Informational educational technologies», «Social humanities» as well as the chair of languages of the  «Computer engineering and telecommunication technology and professional education faculty », prepares Bachelors and Master of sciences of nine directions.

According to the decree of the president "to create the system of E-Government by 2020” we are paying attention to preparing high skilled programmer specialist cadres, creating program projects and putting into practice.

We are cooperating with the famous Universities of Asia and Europe. Professor - teachers of our branch are increasing their qualifications at Korean Universities and Institutes.

Foreign Professors are teaching our students the system of Mobile add, C Language and Linux Wos. 
Professional teaching staff of our brunch will make a great effort in order to prepare highly - qualified specialists in «Information – communicative technology sphere», specialists who will raise the rating of Uzbekistan to the world level. I wish you all perseverance, great input, patience, luck and success. Welcome to our brunch!